Setting Up Facebook Lead Ads Notifications in ActiveCampaign

I have been working with a client recently that is in the training industry and a unique problem came up.

They have advertising heavily on Facebook and getting good results including the Facebook Lead Ads that they have been running. Anyone who runs Facebook Lead Ads know that pulling the leads out involved a tedious process of CSV downloads. If you are using an email marketing or marketing automation software, there is also the process of getting the leads into it. However, you can integrate using either Zapier, SyncSumo or Leadsbridge.

My client has been using ActiveCampaign so I set up an automation using Zapier to pull the leads from Facebook Lead Ads into their ActiveCampaign. This is pretty instantaneous and smooth.

Setting up a automation in ActiveCampaign to send off a notification email to my client when a Facebook lead came in was the easy part. But as they get leads throughout the day, this can get pretty disruptive really fast.

My client wanted my help to set up an automation that can consolidate the leads so they will come into her inbox precisely at 8:00am every morning and she can dealt with them at one go. Any Facebook leads that came in after that should only come into her inbox 8:00am the next morning. This is slightly more tricky than it looks.

But I finally figured this out using not one… but three automations!!

I always use a Master List/Service List methodology to move all contacts that come in from a 3rd party integration into the Master List. As part of that automation, I write a date as a Custom Field when the Facebook Subscription came in appropriately named “Facebook Lead Ad Subscription Date”. This will be helpful later on when we want to segment Facebook Leads coming in from a certain period.

Next, I set up two automations to send off the notification emails. This is accomplished using the Facebook Subscription Date and Date Based Automations.

For the first one, you can see how I set it up below. It is meant to trigger on the same day as the Facebook Lead Ad subscription date but the automation will only check in on 8:00am the same day. What this means is that any lead that came in after midnight up to 7:59am that morning will be captured in this automation. Anything after that will not be captured which is exactly what my client wanted.


The full automation is very simple and looks like this.


The second notification automation is similar but with one caveat. If the lead has gone through the previous automation the day before and the notification email has been sent, we don’t want to get another notification email for the same lead as this will be totally confusing! So the way I set it up look like this.


I use a Goal to accomplish what I want. If a contact has already accomplish the Goal which is a Notification Email has already been sent, it will skip directly to the Goal and to the end of the automation. It will give the notification email step in this automation a miss.


And to set up the Goal, this is what it looks like.

With these three automations, my clients has been receiving the notifications for the leads the way she wants, all of them coming in at 8:00am every morning. She is now one happy client!

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